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Makeup Removing Pads

Makeup Removing Pads

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"I have been looking for a substitute for disposable wipes because they're bad for the environment. These makeup remover pads work even BETTER than the single-use removers, I'll never look back!" - Jessica O. Esthetician

Makeup Removing Pads easily and quickly remove makeup with only water. This ultra-soft pad uses tiny microfibers that are thinner than a strand of hair, leaving your face squeaky clean. Gentle enough for a baby's skin.


REUSABLE - Replaces up to 200 single-use makeup wipes
GENTLE - Made with Microscopic Microfibers called Nanofibers to clean your skin without redness or irritation
ECO-FRIENDLY - A planet-friendly alternative to single-use makeup wipes
YES, IT WORKS - Removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup
SAVE - Replace expensive disposable cotton rounds and single-use makeup wipes
GET MORE - Each order comes with 3 pads, stock up and save


Step 1. Add water
Step 2. Hold gently against the face, sweep in an upward motion to remove makeup
Step 3. Wash the pad with soap and water after each use

Machine Washable: Clean in the washing machine to bring it back to new!


Makeup Removing Pads (Pack)


Made with Microscopic Microfibers called Nanofibers to clean your skin without redness or irritation.

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Customer Reviews

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Teresa J.

Makeup Removing Pads

Ruthann G.
Great product

These pads are great. They work wonderfully removing makeup. They are very soft and gentle. What a great addition to the Earths Cure products. Follow up with the cleanser and your face will definitely be completely clean. I have washed them and the come out like new. Very pleased with this purchase.

Kim S.
Amazing 🤩

I love these pads and found they removed my make up fine. The mascara came off good too. I don’t wear heavy duty makeup so the cleanser from earths cure works very well for me. The only thing I found negative about them is it is hard to get the eye make up off entirely and took some work trying t
to fit them in the eye area. They are a bit too large. Maybe design smaller ones for eyes. Also not sure if I want to mess with washing them to reuse them. The mascara did not come off entirely when I washed them. Still too early to tell as it is a new experience using these for me.

Tana D.

I really do like them. My face feels and looks so clean without a dry feeling. Will continue using them. Thumbs up.


These work great and have no chemicals.