Big 5 Wellness Kit

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"keeps my family happy and healthy. And it's 100% natural!" - Ashley S. Comes with 5 full-size essential oils blend...
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"keeps my family happy and healthy. And it's 100% natural!" - Ashley S.

Comes with 5 full-size essential oils blends (10mL):

 Happy Mood
Get happy fast! Fights multiple signs of depressed moods—from sadness, stress, dull feelings to depression and pain. With thousands of happy customers, Happy Mood™ is quickly becoming the #1 natural mood product.

 Headache Relief
Great for headaches or migraines! This special blend contains anti-oxidants and calming agents which sooth head pain. Helps sooth all types of headaches.

✔ Stress Relief
Helps manage stress! Soothes and calms your mind and body so you can enjoy your day, stress free. It can also be used for relaxing at night, meditation, or during yoga.

✔ Good Sleep
Get a good night sleep. Researchers found these ingredients gently calms the heartbeat and relaxes muscles. The result is a deeper, more relaxed sleep (called REM sleep). We rate this #1 for deep sleep.

✔ Pain Relief
This unique essential oil was designed to help aches and pains. Helps inflammation and swelling, joint pain and stiffness, and good for muscle pain and tightness.

Customer Reviews

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Love this

I got this about two-three weeks ago and still have plenty of oil left. The scents are amazing. I use Happy oil and sometimes the good sleep the most. Really good deal. I will recommend.

Winter kit

Very happy I got this. Such a great deal. Customer service agent was very helpful. All the oils smell great.

Love it

This is such a great deal. I like the variety in this pack. I was worried that oils would be similar but they all have a very different scent and I am very pleased.

Winter wellness kit

Very good deal. Glad I found this.

Love it!

Just got my order in the mail and I love these! The scents are all great. I can't wait to use.

Great deal

Such a great deal. Very happy I ordered this. All oils smell great.


I previously ordered the Happy Mood and Good sleep oils and loved them.They smell really good and I was going to get more to give as gifts. This is a good deal which includes both of them plus others. I got two of these sets to give as gifts this year. I know they will love them as much as I do. Great deal!

Yay i love love love

Perfect little kit to have around the house. Each oil smells like ... heaven!

I Call It The "Life Saver"

These cute oils are the best thing you can give your precious body. Nature knows best ladies, we all know that ;). My experience with these oils has been nothing short of amazing. I personally love the Happy Mood and Good Sleep ones... I use Happy Mood in the mornings and Good Sleep at night. And I've never felt more amazing in my life! Happy Mood lifts my energy up (but better than coffee) and gets me ready to charge the day. It's tough with 5 kids (believe me) and i can use anything I can get my hands on. Good Sleep is great for winding down at night, and the kids love it too (so does hubby, hehe). I love these and I hope EC keeps making more of them.

Smells Divine

Let me first say that I've been using essential oils for over 20 years. It's hard to find real oils (most are chinese fake fragrances). You can tell right away that these are real, as soon as you open the lid. Well done, EarthsCure!

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