Better Sleep Mist (Natural Sleep Aid)

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What is it? Our Favorite Natural Sleep Aid. Just spray this "sleep mist" on your pillow, bed, or neck before bed. ...
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  • What is it?

    Our Favorite Natural Sleep Aid. Just spray this "sleep mist" on your pillow, bed, or neck before bed. The essential oil blend calms anxious thoughts and tension to feel at peace [2,3,4].

    Who is it for?

    ✔ Trouble sleeping
    ✔ Tension or running thoughts
    ✔ Body and muscle aches
    ✔ Anyone looking for happy dreams

    How it works

    These proprietary plant oils are used in the practice of aromatherapy. The natural aromas relieve tension and stress [4,5]. This product is all natural and safe to use. It's non-drowsy so you always wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Directions

    ✔ Step 1. Spray 5-20 pumps on pillow, bed sheets, or neck.
    ✔ Step 2. Take 5 deep breaths.
    ✔ Step 3. Fall into a deep and relaxing state of mind

  • Ingredients

    This product is made from natural therapeutic plants. It contains oils from these plants:

    💜 Lavandula (Lavender Plant Oil)

    🍃 Thymus mastichina (Spanish Marjoram Plant Oil)

    🌱 Copaiva Balsam (Copaiba Plant Oil)

    🌺 Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage Oil)

    🌼 Chamaemelum nobile (Roman Chamomile Oil)

    🥥 Coconut Oil - helps absorption and moisturizes.

  • Guarantee & Safety


    Safety: Essential oils are considered safe for moderate use. Do not ingest, they are for topical use only.

    Made in USA

    Products are proudly made in USA. We're right here in California.


    1. Is it autoship or autobilling? NO. It's a one time payment.
    2. Shipping cost and delivery time? Orders placed before 11:00am EST are shipped same-day. Delivers in 2-5 business days depending on your location. Free shipping for orders over $50.
    3. How long does it last? 1-3 months depending on use
    4. Is it safe? Yes, it's natural and safe.
    5. Refund Policy? 30 days! No questions asked.
    6. Does it make you drowsy the next day? No, it's non-drowsy.
    7. Is this website secure? Yes, it's secured by SSL.
    8. Is it addictive? No, there's no biological addiction. It's natural and safe.
    9. Do you sell it by the gallon? We get this a lot and are flattered! We sell them by 10mL but if you really want a gallon we'll figure something out for you.

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely scent

I've been using the Good Sleep Roller for a few months but didn't like the oily consistency. So I ordered the Better Sleep Spray instead...and I must say... I absolutely love it. It has the same great relaxing scent as the roller... but I can spray it directly on my pillow. Helps me and the kids sleep. Would recommend!

Love this spray

I have the essential oil and this mist as well, love the scent. Very subtle and not over powering. I read on one of the reviews that people were using in open air spaces. I went ahead and took mine in the bus and does work. lol. Makes the area smell better!

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