Best Essential Oils for Sleep, Restlessness, and Insomnia

Why Essential Oils are an Excellent Sleep Aid

The health benefits of using essential oils is now backed by various scientific studies, although many cultures have been using these tinctures for ages. People all over the planet have sworn by plant-based medicinal oils for the treatment of everything from simple scrapes to headaches, and as a sleep aid, for stress relief – even for serious illnesses.  One of the most popular uses now, for essential oils, is as a relaxation elixir to aid sleep or enhance the quality of your sleep. It’s the reason why our sleep aid, Good Sleep, is one of our most popular oils, and continues to fly off the shelves. Everyone, old and young, healthy and infirmed, is searching for the best way to get a good night’s sleep without using drugs or over-the-counter medicines. Let’s face it, those traditional sleep aids can leave you groggy and non-functioning at your optimal levels.

Below are the proprietary essential oils ingredients in Good Sleep.

At Earth’s Cure, we utilize these proprietary essential oils in our sleep aid in combination to make the most effective, therapeutic-grade essential sleep oil on the market today.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are formulations initially derived from the extractions of plants – the liquid from the stems, the flowers and bark, the root and leaves, or any other part of the plant. Then the formulations of the various plant extracts are combined to form one essential oil. Typically, the plant is chosen for its naturally acting medicinal properties. As plants are natural and organic, they are brilliant alternatives to traditional medicine – when medically approved.

Aromatherapy is the process that takes the use of essential oil, one step further, by integrating the olfactory senses, namely, smell. The use of essential oils in the form of aromatherapy is a great way to maximize its medicinal benefits. Essential oils both in roll-on form and when used as an aromatherapeutic, is awesome to treat headaches, anxiety, mood, and even as a sleep aid.

Top Essential Oils for Sleep:

  • Lavender Oil

Lavender contains an oil that has sedating effects. The oil is used both in topical form i.e. roll-on or in soaps or via aromatherapy. The flower is often used for flavoring in food and beverages. Both are known to have a calming effect.


  • Spanish Marjoram Oil

Spanish marjoram is used in fragrances and roll-ons. It has a similar aroma to the Eucalyptus plant. Parts of the plant are alos used in foods and to flavor processed foods.

According to Science Direct, Learn More About Marjoram, there is scientific proof of the oil’s calming effects:

New and favorable evidence is emerging regarding the use of essential oils and aromatherapy for neck pain specifically (using a blend of peppermint, black pepper, marjoram, and lavender) as well as other painful and nonpainful conditions.

  • Copaiba Oil

Copaiba Oil is a homeopathic muscle relaxer or pain medication so in that way, it is a natural additional ingredient in Good Sleep. Sales have increased as an alternative to NSAIDS because if its natural medicinal effects. And, according to Dr. Weil, in an article titled, Copaiba Oil: A New Arthritis Treatment? - while there are only limited, modern, medical case studies to date, there is some evidence that is proving relevant. Says the article:


Copaiba oil (an oleoresin) is tapped from several species of trees in the Amazon rainforest. It has been used as folk medicine for centuries and is now being heavily promoted as a safer arthritis treatment than the drugs most commonly used in this country. 

  • Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil can be used both as a food (the flower) or as an oil/aromatherapy in therapeutic form. There have been many recent studies on the efficacy of Clary Sage Oil, the conclusions of which, point to GABA brain wave effects, calming effects, reduced anxiety and depression, and even increased dopamine. A recent article on Web M.D. says:

Recent research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that including clary sage oil in the food of animal subjects lead to a significant reduction in dominant and anxious behavior. And a 2017 review found that sage plants seem to be associated with improved memory, greater alertness, and potential Alzheimer's-fighting effects. The same review also noted the anti-depressant and anti-stress effects of clary sage mentioned above.


  • Chamomile Oil

 According to Science Direct, Alternative Therapeutics for Sleep Disorders:

Chamomile, or Matricaria recutita, is one of the most widely used types of CAM therapy for promoting sleep and treating insomnia. The active ingredients in chamomile are chamazulene, apigenin, and bisabolol. The sedative effects of chamomile may be due to a benzodiazepine-like compound in the flower head.

Chamomile (both the flower and the oil) have long been used in tea form or as a roll-on, throughout the centuries, for purported medicinal effects.

  • Roman Chamomile Oil

A different type of chamomile, Roman Chamomile, also known as (Anthemis nobilis) It is also known for its sedative, anti-spasmodic, and highly calming effects. It can help a patient to regain restful sleep, calm muscle spasms, headaches and general muscle pain.


Study: Lavender as a Highly Effective as a Sleep Aid

Studies suggest Lavender especially, is highly effective when used as a sleep aid as it contains natural calming properties. Of course, it is the first ingredient in Good Sleep, so it’s not a surprise the team at Earth’s Cure; however, because we care about our customers, the scientific data, is important to share. Don’t just take our word for it or the hundreds of testimonials… See what the experts are saying.

In a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) titled, Lavender and the Nervous System, the findings cite several studies on Lavender and its sedative and/or analgesic efficacy.

One study specifically on sleep (one among many) cited, (Hirokawa K, Nishimoto T, Taniguchi T. Effects of lavender aroma on sleep quality in healthy Japanese students. Perceptual & Motor Skills2012) leads the NIH to conclude”:

Lavender has been suggested as an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia and improve the sleep quality. Single-blind randomized studies investigated the effectiveness of lavender odor on quality of sleep showed that lavender improved the mean scores of sleep quality in fifteen healthy students 

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

The truth is: sleep is essential for good health, even for the healthiest among us. You cannot be at the top of your athletic or professional game without mental acuity and physical strength. And, for that, you need good sleep to regenerate your cells and boost immunity. However, for those who are fighting a chronic illness or who are suffering from any disorder, sleep can be disrupted. Pain, nausea, restlessness, anxiety – all these side effects can disrupt sleep. This is the reason why essential oils are showing up in surgical and cancer wards as peripheral options to help calm patients with anxiety, help patients manage pain, and aid with sleep. And why not? It’s about time that alternative medicines are accepted. They are incredible when used alongside traditional treatment plans to reduce the need for so many drugs and aid a patient on the way to a better quality of life. 

According to The Mayo Clinic, essential oils for sleep and relaxation are not only being accepted as medicinal alternatives, but they are being used in surgical wards. According to the Mayo Clinic, in an article titled, Why aromatherapy is showing up in hospital surgical units, sleep aids in the form of aromatherapy and essential oils, seem to be effective. Effective enough that they are showing up in surgical units… Regarding the efficacy of essential oils, the articles states:

Chamomile tea and lavender lotion are well-known sleep promoters. Studies of hospital patients document that these scents can encourage relaxation and improve sleep… Even professional caregivers can benefit. In a study of nurses working rotating shifts, participants slept better after an aromatherapy massage at the end of a graveyard shift. Researchers looking at aromatherapy as a way to help with pain after surgery… (and) Women in labor have reported positive results using scents such as rose, and lavender … to help ease anxiety and fear, and reduce the need for pain medications.

Good Sleep – Earth’s Cure

 At Earth’s Cure, we relish the idea of sharing medical studies with you on the effectiveness of essential oils to aid in sleep and overall quality of life. A best-kept secret, our proprietary blend in Good Sleep, has been helping people for years. Those who wished to find a safer, alternative way, to reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and get better sleep, even eliminate insomnia, with the use of essential oils. And, while Good Sleep uses the most well known ingredient, Lavender, to do that, no one else is using our proprietary blend of oils in one product. Good Sleep is our top seller! Try it today if you want to reduce or even eliminate insomnia or just increase the quality of your sleep. Get  Good Sleep now and sleep your way to better health!


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